Yûzô Koshiro was born on December 12, 1967 in Tôkyô, Japan. He started learning music very early: the piano at three, the violin at five, then improvisation and musical theory from the age of eight, under the leadership of a certain Joe Hisaishi. For fun, high school student Koshiro makes mockups of Namco or Sega game music on his PC-8801. In 1986, after graduating, he responded to a job offer in a computer magazine and was hired by the video game company Falcom. It was with her that he took his first steps in the industry, in particular on an Action-RPG series still in vogue today, Ys. He left Falcom in 1988 and after three years in freelance, founded with his mother the studio Ancient. He became its president and representative, and also took care of the supervision of the composers working there.

From the techno / jazz mix of Street of Rage to the pure orchestration of Thor, Koshiro takes us from one style to another with talent. In the 90s he was one of the only composers whose name appears regularly on the title screen of the games he works on! His name is often associated with the acclaimed soundtrack of Shenmue, although he actually composed only three tracks. More recently, Koshiro collaborates with various artists in the field, like Norihiko Hibino and Michiru Yamane.

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