Jump back in the 90’s with the amazing Streets of Rage Perfect Soundtrack. Influenced by club music, composer Yûzô Koshiro (Ys, Actraiser, Shenmue, Etrian Odyssey…) created a timeless musical jewel still cherished today. In addition to the full soundtrack and in collaboration with Yûzô Koshiro, Wayô Records have remastered 3 exclusive tracks that were never used at the time!

« It has been more than twenty years since Streets of Rage was released. Even to this day, it is still cherished by many fans, and its soundtrack remains very popular.

As you are probably already aware, this soundtrack was hugely influenced by dance music, and more specifically techno and house music from the early 90s. At the time, these genres had not yet broken through in Japan, and this is why I thought I would use them in order to appeal to Western gamers.

It seems it was a successful bet, as I’m still getting warm messages from fans across the United States and Europe. This reprint also includes some previously unreleased tracks. They were so close to the music that influenced me at the time that I left some of them unfinished, while others never ended up in the game.

I hope you’ll enjoy listening to them, and maybe even guess what my original inspirations were.« 

Yûzô Koshiro,  2017


A Wayô Records World Release

Streets of Rage Perfect Soundtrack
CD: WAYO-009
Audio Tape: WAYO-C002
December 2017
23 tracks, 1 disc, Digipak, Picture Disc
3 unpublished tracks, never released before (*)
Composed and arranged by Yûzô Koshiro
Especially mastered by Shinji Hosoe


Length: 67:04

01 The Street of Rage
02 Player Select
03 Fighting in the Street
04 Attack the Barbarian
05 Round Clear
06 Dilapidated Town
07 Moon Beach
08 Keep the groovin’
09 Beatnik on the Ship
10 Stealthy Steps
11 Violent Breathing
12 The Last Soul
13 Big Boss
14 You Became the Bad Guy!
15 My Little Baby
16 Up & Up
17 The Super Threc
18 Name Entry
19 Game Over


20 S.O.R Super Mix
21 Rave Dance in the City*
22 Skyscraper Night*
23 Quiet Insanity*