Composed by Yutaka Minobe and Tatsuyuki Maeda, the Skies of Arcadia soundtrack sets the tone for a wonderful adventure throughout beautiful and varied celestial lands, and plays a crucial part in making the game one of the Dreamcast’s finest titles. It was a technological prowess of its time, thanks to the use of interactive arrangements that changed the mood of the music depending on the land you explored. Some tracks were fully orchestrated and performed by the Skies of Arcadia Symphony Orchestra.

The vinyl edition of the Skies of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack includes 30 tracks from the game on 3 LP discs, presented within a deluxe package featuring a brand new piece of artwork made especially for this edition by Itsuki Hoshi (original designer of Skies of Arcadia). It features three blue 180g vinyl discs (each with its own illustrated sleeve) and a completely new 24-page booklet, including Itsuki Hoshi’s artworks and new comments from the original team.

To celebrate this unique legacy, the re-release also features two exclusive piano arrangements newly created by the prodigy Ramon van Engelenhoven, including a majestic, 15-minute medley that will let you experience the world of Arcadia with a fresh outlook, under the brand Wayô Piano Collection.


A Wayô Records World Release

Skies of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack
Original Soundtrack & Wayô Piano Collection

May 2019
 32 tracks, 3x180g vinyl discs
Marble Blue (collector edition) classic blue (regular edition)
24-page booklet, 3 individual sleeves
Collector box
Remastered for the vinyl format by Delphi Sound Studio
Composed and arranged by Yutaka Minobe and Tatsuyuki Maeda
Produced, published and distribued by Wayô Records
Licensed by SEGA


Length: 38:31

Face A
01 Opening Theme
02 Main Theme
03 Sky Pirate Isle
04 Sky Pirate Hideout
05 Blue Rogues’ Theme
06 Blue Rogues’ Ship (Nasrad, Ixa’taka, Valua)
07 Battle
08 Bombardment

Face B
01 Kingdom of Ixa’ taka
02 Dungeon of the Ancient Temple
03 Drachma’s Theme
04 The Little Jack (Nasrad, Ixa’taka, Valua)
05 Battle 2
06 Boss Battle (Crisis, Opportunity)
07 The Victory


Length: 38:33

Face C
01 Headquarters
02 Everyday Life
03 Gilder’s Theme
04 Delphinus
05 Yafutoma Dawn
06 Bombardment 2
07 Border Town
08 Great Silver Shrine

Face D
01 Ramirez’s Theme
02 The Battle with Armada
03 The Last Battle
04 Emotional
05 The Legendary Sinking Continent
06 Epilogue
07 Staff Roll

DISC 3 – Wayô Piano Collection

Length: 21:57

Face E
01 Voyage en Arcadia

Face F
01 Souvenir d’Arcadia