Of Orcs and Men

From the composer of Remember Me and Get Even

Olivier Derivière studied composition and orchestration at the Nice Conservatory, France, then film scoring and Jazz at Berklee College of music. Video games are his passion and his goal is always to give a unique feel and personality to each of his projects. Beyond composition itself, he focuses his efforts on creating music that will best serve the gaming experience. Thus his music is regularly acclaimed in the press and by gamers everywhere. Olivier has worked in Europe for 10 years and has now founded AMEO Prod in San Francisco to promote his vision of video game music in the U.S. and Canada. His works have been performed by the Grammy Winning Mystery of Bulgarian Voices, the children’s choir of the Opera of Paris, as well as the Boston Strings Quartet and the Boston Cello Quartet from members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Destructoid – Jim Sterling
One of the real highlights of the game has to be its soundtrack. An incredibly beautiful arrangement of tunes has been provided by the Boston Cello Quartet and composer Olivier Deriviere

Machinima – Lawrence Sonntag
Orcs has a stellar soundtrack. Fantasy scores trend to the high and lilting side of the orchestra, but Orcs’ soundtrack is populated with guttural cellos and thick, oppressive drums. It’s dirty, hot, and brooding


A Wayô Records World Release

Of Orcs and Men
Original Soundtrack

September 2012
22 tracks, 1 compact disc
4-page booklet, jewel case
Composed and arranged by Olivier Derivière
Performed by Boston Cello Quartet, Noel Smith, Olivier Deriviere
Published and distribued by Wayô Records
Licensed by Ameo Production


Length: 48:50

01 My Quest Begins
02 The Slums
03 Fight Like An Orc
04 Weak Humans
05 Back To The Slums
06 Human Ambush
07 Closer To The Wall
08 Fight Me
09 Fear Me
10 The Wall
11 A Knight To Kill Me
12 The Sewers
13 Slave Like Dad
14 I Am The Resistance
15 Follow My Lead
16 Fight For Me
17 I Hate This Place
18 Twisted Humans
19 Back To The Forest
20 Amazons
21 The Knight Will Die
22 Finally Home