Little Big Adventure

Symphonic Suite & Original Soundtracks

1994-2019. For the 25th anniversary of the Little Big Adventure game series, here come the fully-licensed Symphonic Suite based on the music from these cult games by its composer Philippe Vachey, with the official support of the original team lead by Didier Chanfray and Frederick Raynal! This project is, of course, lead by the composer himself!

In the mid-nineties, Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure in USA and Asia) revolutionized the video gaming with an innovative system, a captivating storyline and characters that live in everyone’s memories. The hero, Twinsen, fights evil in a journey that leads him to discover the secrets of his destiny and to explore fantastic places around the world, and beyond!

It is the symphonic music composed by Philippe Vachey which adorns the two opuses of Little Big Adventure, with an extraordinary orchestration and quality of writing. These two titles are two standouts in the action adventure and fantasy genre. 25 years after the creation of the game, Philippe Vachey finally realizes the project of arranging the music of Little Big Adventure 1 & 2 for an exceptional symphonic suite, in collaboration with the best talents of the symphonic production in Europe!


A Wayô Records World Release

Little Big Adventure
Symphonic Suite & Original Soundtracks

Delivery: Winter 2020/2021
31 tracks, 2 compact discs
Crystal Case, Picture Discs
Composed and arranged by Philippe Vachey
Original illustrations by Didier Chanfray
LBA Wayô Piano Collection arranged and performed by Nicolas Horvath
Performed by the Scoring Orchestra
Produced, Published and Distributed by Wayô Records
Didier Chanfray EURL Official Licence


Length: 50:40

01 Music Box LBA (aka LBA’s Theme)
02 The Empire
03 Mother Earth
04 Desert
05 The Water Deity
06 Emerald Moon
07 In the Temple
08 FT LAps (aka FunkyTown)
09 Purple
10 Opening for LBA
11 Hamalayi
12 The Quest


Length: 61:44

01 Opening for LBA (LBA1)
02 The Quest (LBA1)
03 The Rebels (LBA1)
04 Desert (LBA1)
05 In the Temple (LBA1)
06 Village (LBA1)
07 Hamalayi (LBA1)
08 Funky Town (LBA1)
09 LBA’s Theme (LBA1)
10 Metamorphosis of the Hamalayi (Wayô Piano Collection)
11 Song for Gabriel (Wayô Piano Collection)
12 The Village (Wayô Piano Collection)
13 Honey Bee (Wayô Piano Collection)
14 Zeelich (LBA2)
15 The Empire (LBA2)
16 Emerald Moon (LBA2)
17 Honey Bee (LBA2)
18 Song for Gabriel (LBA2)
19 LBA’s Theme (LBA2)