Kenji Kawai is one of the most famous Japanese composers of film music, anime, video games and all kinds of television programs (drama, documentaries, etc.). Very active in Japan, he is also famous in the world through various collaborations in other Asian countries and in Europe, working for animation, horror, science fiction or historical narrative works.

Among his main works, Seven Swords and Rise of Sea Dragon (Tsui Hark), Ghost in the Shell and Avalon (Mamori Oshii), The Sky Crawlers, Ranma ½ and Maison Ikkoku (Rumiko Takahashi) but also the film wave Japanese horror with Ring, Ring 2, Chaos and Dark Water (Hideo Nakata).

He also composed the music for the documentary film series Apocalypse for the French television, broadcast around the world.

Project with Wayô

  • Official guest of honor of the French convention Japan Touch in 2017 (Official Wayô Records guest).