Tribute to Lalo Schifrin

Jean-Michel Bernard Plays Lalo Schifrin

Jean-Michel Bernard Plays Lalo Schifrin is above all a beautiful story of friendship… The pianist, conductor, composer and Argentinian arranger Lalo Schifrin is known, among others, for his film music (Bullitt, Dirty Harry, Enter the Dragon…) and tv shows (Mission: Impossible, Mannix, Starsky and Hutch…). On the other side, pianist and composer Jean-Michel Bernard accompanied Ray Charles in concert for the last three years of his life, and is notably the usual composer for Michel Gondry’s films.

This album, focusing on the orchestrations of film scores composed by Lalo Schifrin, was born from the friendship that unites the two composers and the success of a concert program put on by Jean-Michel in tribute to Lalo Schifrin at the La Baule Festival (France) in 2017. With the presence, on three tracks, of Lalo Schifrin as well as Kyle Eastwood on, of course, the music of Dirty Harry…

Lalo Schifrin: Piano duets with JMB (Introduction to The Plot, The Cheketeers Suite, Chano)
Sara Andon: Flute Soloist (The Cheketeers Suite, Cool Hand Luke)
Kyle Eeastwood: Electric Bass (Dirty Harry Suite)
Philippe Chayeb: Electric Bass (Bullitt, The Cat)
Jean-Marie Ecay: Guitar (The Cat)
Philippe Hervouët: Guitar (Dirty Harry Suite)
Jean-Philippe Audin: Solo Cello (Tango del Atardecer)
Laurent Korcia: Solo Violin (Tango del Atardecer) – LK plays Stradivarius violin
Jean-Michel Tavernier: French Horn (Dirty Harry Suite, Cool Hand Luke)


A Wayô Records World Release

Jean-Michel Bernard Plays Lalo Schifrin
Spring 2021
17 tracks, 2 discs, 33rpm
Composed by Lalo Schifrin
Arranged by Jean-Michel Bernard
Published and distribued by Wayô Records


Length: 31:01

A1 Mannix
A2 Bullit
A3 Cool Hand Luke
A4 Lalo’s Bossa

B1 Dirty Harry Suite
B2 Mission: Impossible
B3 That Night


Length: 35:10

C1 Tango del Atardecer
C2 The Cat
C3 Les félins
C4 The Cincinnati Kid
C5 Manteca

D1 Introduction To The Plot
D2 The Plot
D3 The Cheketeers Suite
D4 Chano
D5 Mannix (solo piano version)