Melodies in the Mist

Anime series, movies, drama, video games, pop songs, even classical music: in 30 years, Japanese composer and arranger Michiru Oshima has exposed her wonderful skills on many high-profile projects.

Among others, she has worked on the Fullmetal Alchemist TV series and FMA: Conqueror of Shamballa movie – for which she received the Best Soundtrack award at the Tokyo Anime Award –. In 2011, she composed the soundtrack for the Buddha movie, adapted from Osamu Tezuka’s masterpiece. Among her other works for animation are The Weathering Continent, Tatami Galaxy, Queen Emeraldas, Sora no Woto or Nabari.

For video games, she has worked as an arranger for Suikoden, Arc the Lad or The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but she is mostly famous among gamers as a composer for the fan favorite ICO.

In 2011, she wrote the soundtrack for L’Orchestre en montgolfière, an animated movie dedicated to the victims of the Tohoku earthquake, which premiered at Japan Expo the same year. She also took part in famous violonist Hilary Hahn’s In 27 Pieces project.

A Wayô Records Original Production

29 Janvier 2012, Theatre Adyar, Paris

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Concert Credits

Music composed by
Michiru Ôshima

Michiru Ôshima
Nicolas Godefroy (Le Continent du vent)

Performed by
Estelle Micheau – Vocal
Jean-Vianney Zenati – Piano
Johan Veron – Violon 1
Laurent Pellegrino – Violon 2
Clémence Guillot – Viola
Alban Lebrun – Cello

With the special participation of
Michiru Ôshima – Piano Solo

Produced by
Romain Dasnoy, Denys Fontanarosa, Jérémie Kermarrec, Jonathan Khersis

With the participation of
Kazunori Kurimoto (réalisateur de L’Orchestre en Montgolfière)
Kazunori Togashi (président de l’association Ganbalo Nippon)
Seiji Mizushima (réalisateur de FullMetal Alchemist)
Yasuhiro Yoshiura (réalisateur de Patema, le monde inversé)

Dedicated to
Eri Kawai

Act 1


FullMetal Alchemist

Tribute to Eri Kawai

Main Theme

Nabari no Ô
Main Theme

The Tatami Galaxy
Ozu no Theme

Kaze no Tairiku (Le Continent du vent)
Sabaku no Tabibito
Lição Do Vento


Act 2

L’Orchestre en montgolfière
Original short movie by Kazunori Kurimoto for the victims from Tôhoku (2011)

The Legaia

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
(composed by Koji Kondo, arranged by Michiru Ôshima)

ICO – Castle in the Mist

Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf – Lullaby

Asuka – Kazabue

Women of Gokudô

Paradise Lost


Episode – At the time


ICO – You Were There

Piano Solo – Michiru Ôshima

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