Masashi Hamauzu Live in Concert

In fifteen years working as a video game composer, Masashi Hamauzu has proven that video game music is no longer the simplistic bleeps and bloops of past decades, his compositions being among the most audacious in the industry. For the first time in France, Hamauzu invites his fans to delve into the numerous facets of his talent, from his work on game series such as Final Fantasy and SaGa, to more personal works. He is joined by Mina, whose delicate voice could be heard in Final Fantasy XIII. Among these talented artists, you will feel the warmth and kindness of Masashi Hamauzu’s musical world.

Wayô’s very first concert took place on May 22, 2011 at the Cité international des arts, a wonderful and intimate setting – equipped with a Bosendorfer grand piano – to discover the composer’s music.

A Wayô Records Original Production

May 22th, 2011, Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

Concert Credits

Music composed by
Masashi Hamauzu (Monomusik)

Masashi Hamauzu

Performed by
Mina – Vocal, Tonkori & Mukkuri
Yuka Fujii – Piano Solo
Jean-Vianney Zenati – Piano
Johan Veron – Violon
Seok-Woo Yoon – Cello

With the special participation of
Masashi Hamauzu – Piano & Piano Solo

Produced by
Romain Dasnoy, Denys Fontanarosa, Jérémie Kermarrec, Jonathan Khersis

With the participation of
Laurent Martin

Act 1

Final Fantasy X Piano Collections
Besaid Island

Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections
Reminiscence ~ Sulyya Springs
Lightning’s Theme ~ Blinded By Light

SaGa Frontier 2 Piano Pieces
« γ » 1
« γ » 2
« γ + » 1
« γ + » 2
« γ + » 3

Act 2

New compositions (world premiere)
Etude 5
T_Comp 1
Frenzy Under Preasure (world)

New arrangements (piano/violon)
Besaid Island (Final Fantasy X)
The Promise (Final Fantasy XIII)
Vanille’s Theme (Final Fantasy XIII)

Performance of the first song from the album Black Ocean in world premiere

« β » 1
Piano Pieces SaGa Frontier 2 / « Rosenkranz »
Masashi Hamauzu – Piano Solo

Wayô Records asked three questions to Masashi Hamauzu (2011) :