For the 30th anniversary of the legendary SNK Corporation’s Neo-Geo, Wayô Records is proud to present this new complete edition of the Magician Lord soundtrack in both vinyl and CD digipak formats, featuring a new illustration by Eisuke Ogura! This iconic game has been released in 1990 and was one of the launch titles of the cult arcade system by SNK, and 1991 on the home system. It is still regarded today as one of the legendary game made by SNK on these systems.

In addition to this release, the soundtrack is accompanied by a brand-new virtuoso piano arrangement, especially produced by Wayô Records, and recorded in studio on a beautiful Steinway model C by Nicolas Horvath (official Steinway Artist). This new piano arrangement is part of our Wayô Piano Collection and is a unique way to rediscover the fabulous Magician Lord soundtrack.

The new illustration designed and hand-signed by Eisuke Ogura is available with this vinyl edition, as a collector japanese-made mini-Shikishi, offered to the first 150 orders!


A Wayô Records World Release

Magician Lord
Original Soundtrack
Wayô Piano Collection

Delivery: November 2020
19 tracks, 1 compact disc, digipak
Mini-Shikishi offered to the first 150 orders
Published and distributed by Wayô Records
SNK Corporation Official License


Length: 37:00

01 NeoGeo Sound Logo
02 Opening
03 Stage Start
04 Magician Lord
05 Ankoku no Kettô
06 Gal Agiese
07 Shugo Shinden
08 Stage Clear
09 Surrender!!
10 Flying Killers
11 The Castle of Zephros ~ Seifû no Kyûden
12 Magician’s Dream
13 Fukkatsu no Az Athos
14 Epilogue
15 The Great Gate of Granada
16 Unfinished Man
17 Ranking
18 Game Over
19 Magician Lord Wayô Piano Collection