Little Big Adventure
Music Box

As part of the Wayô Music Box collection, Wayô Records is delighted to offer this gorgeous, limited edition item, officially licensed.

Treat yourself to the sweet nostalgia of a wonderful adventure with this rare, collectible item that plays the Main Theme from Little Big Adventure, composed by Philippe Vachey!

Wayô Records’ Music Boxes are exceptional items. Crafted with the best materials and entirely autonomous (powered by their own winder key and trigger), they are of the highest quality and serve both musical and decorative functions.

Their design is the result of months of development, from the distinctive, « music-box » arrangement to the careful selection of materials in order to create a product that exceeds the standards, made especially for passionate collectors.


A Wayô Records Original Product

  • Collector Edition limited to 300 copies
  • Performes the main theme of Little Big Adventure ‟LBA’s Themeˮ (30 seconds, looping 10 rounds)
  • 140mm (width), 100m (depth), 60mm (height)
  • Precision mechanism made of a rotary cylinder and 30 pins
  • Discreet winder below the box and ‟on/offˮ trigger on the front
  • Featuring a solid wood box (walnut)
  • Laser-engraved Sendell logo on top of the Music Box
  • Shipped in a quality padded package
  • Official Little Big Adventure License, approved the composer Philippe Vachey
  • Produced, published and distributed by Wayô Records