Original Soundtrack

Known for his acclaimed work on Final Fantasy X, the Final Fantasy XIII series and Final Fantasy VII Remake, Masashi Hamauzu has once again challenged himself in order to create music for The Legend of Legacy that proudly follows the tradition of Japanese role-playing games of the 1990s. The result is a surprisingly rich work, made of finely crafted atmospheres. With a remarkable economy of means, Masashi Hamauzu was able to incorporate a real sense of lightness: be it in the radiant main theme, field music or even the battle themes, the soundtrack for The Legend of Legacy is an immaculate piece of wonder. Naturally, Masashi Hamauzu united his usual team of ace performers: Hijiri Kuwano (violin), Toru Tabei (guitar), Ippiqui Takemoto (drums), Benyamin Nuss (piano) and Mina (vocals).

Features 35 pieces of music from The Legend of Legacy on 2 discs and includes a 12-page illustrated booklet featuring messages from Masashi Hamauzu and director Masataka Matsuura.


A Wayô Records World Release

The Legend of Legacy
Original Soundtrack

October 2015
35 tracks, 2 compact discs
12-page booklet, jewel case
Composed and arranged by Masashi Hamauzu
Published and distributed by Wayô Records
Licensed by Cattle Call / FuRyu / Atlus

Disc 1

Length: 43:29

01 Main Theme – Legacy
02 Avalon
03 Initium
04 Ruins in the Forest
05 Double Dimension Battle
06 Victory
07 A Shrine Untouched by Man
08 Guardian
09 Defeat
10 The Singing Rocks
11 Treasures
12 Unknowable Truths
13 Departure
14 Hidden Forest
15 Melody of Shadow
16 Good Night
17 Dreams
18 Deserted Village
19 A Great Calling

Disc 2

Length: 51:44

01 The Spirit Callers
02 Fight Against the Unknown
03 Dungeon in the Desert
04 The Shipwood
05 Recapture
06 Battle with the Dragon
07 Courage
08 The Bottomless Depression
09 A Proof of Existence
10 Sacred Mountain
11 City of Solitude
12 Battle with the Heavenly General
13 The Star Graal
14 Forgotten Light
15 Ending Theme – Travelers’ Song
16 Double Dimension Battle (Short Version)