In partnership with the development studio Game Arts, Wayô Records is proud to add a Japanese RPG masterpiece to its catalog with the Grandia original soundtrack composed and arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare! Acclaimed title on the SEGA’s Saturn released in Japan in 1997, Grandia reaches the western borders for a release on the Sony’s PlayStation in 1999, and has a HD remaster in 2019 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

In order to offer the best celebration for this exceptional game, Wayô Records offers the complete original soundtrack in a beautiful 5-discs CD box set with a booklet featuring original comments from the team. 

In addition, the arrange album of 1998, Vent, out of print in Japan for years, entirely arranged and performed by Noriyuki Iwadare and his best musicians, is included as a supplement to the original soundtrack, on an additional disc!

To complete this great release, the first 250 orders will received a mini-Shikishi featuring a completely original illustration by Toshiaki Hontani, the original character designer from the game!

A Japanese Shikishi is a sheet of fine handmade paper affixed to a hard backing. The edges are decorated with a strip of gold paper.


Sortie Mondiale Wayô

Original Soundtrack & Arrange Album “Vent”

Summer 2020
80 tracks, 5 discs
Cristal box into a hardbound box
Composed and arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare
Produced, published and distributed by Wayô Records
Licensed by Game Arts



Length: 53:50

01 Theme of GRANDIA
02 The Sandy Beaches of Gumbo
03 Delightful Adventure
04 Farewell to Sue
05 Mirage Castle
06 Mullen
07 Nymph in Alent
08 Ghost Ship
09 The Edge of the World
10 Approaching Crisis
11 Leen’s Love Theme
12 Time to Relax and Talk*
13 Pavane*

* From the album The Best of GRANDIA, unpublished on the Japanese original soundtrack.


Length: 51:16

01 Prelude
02 Town of Parm
03 Lilly’s Seagull Restaurant
04 Sult Ruins
05 New Parm ~Frontier of Our Hearts~
06 Dom Ruins
07 Duel with Gadwin
08 Dight Village
09 Gumbo Festival
10 Twin Towers
11 Cafu Village
12 Zil Padon
13 Snowy Laine Village
14 Justin, Stand Up!


Length: 49:56

01 Off Runs Sue
02 Justin Hits the Scene
03 Angelou Civilization
04 Deck Swabbing
05 Inside Sult Ruins
06 Battle 1
07 Victory
08 Misty Forest
09 Gaia’s Egg
10 The Air Battleship Takes Off
11 Gaia Hatching
12 The Destruction of Zil Padon
13 Leen vs Gaia
14 Gaia Grows
15 Having Dinner
16 Inside Dom Ruins
17 Four Tensions in Succession
18 Dungeon 1
19 New Parm Church
20 Perfect Victory
21 Luc Village


Length: 64:15

01 Rah-Rah! Cheer
02 Rah-Rah! Cheer Ver.2
03 Three Sisters
04 Dungeon 2
05 New Parm Sake Bar
06 Parm Harbor
07 Inside Twin Tower 1
08 Battle 2
09 Warp Space
10 Garlyle
11 Farewell
12 Underground Ruins
13 Short Loop 1
14 Short Loop 2
15 Inside Twin Tower 2
16 Battle 3
17 The Cursed Tower
18 Assault
19 Aiming for a New World
20 Adventurers Society


Length: 49:25

01 Parm
02 For the love of you
03 Lilly
04 Parting
05 New Parm Church
06 Gadwin’s Sorrow
07 Luc
08 From Beyond the Darkness
09 Alent -Holy Banquet-
10 Remembrance…
11 Theme of GRANDIA
12 Theme (Piano Version)