Space Adventure Cobra is the animated series from the masterpiece of Buichi Terasawa, produced by the prestigious studio TMS Entertainment and broadcasted from 1982. The series was a huge success and remains to this day one of the most appreciated in the world of Japanese animation.

In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Space Adventure Cobra, we are pleased to offer this sublime vinyl box set of the OST with its 3 discs gathering a very large selection of music, all the songs (long versions) as well as several covers and rare unused tracks composed at the time, all completed by a 12-page booklet, illustrated with the most beautiful artworks of the master Terasawa!

The legendary soundtrack of Space Adventure Cobra, composed by Kentarô Haneda and Yûji Ôno, has greatly contributed to the reputation of the series with notably rhythmic tracks, sublime jazz pieces and unforgettable songs.

Here it is now completely remastered in vinyl format in this luxurious box!


A Wayô Records World Release

Original Soundtrack

February 2023
2 x CD, 65 tracks
12 pages booklet with illustrations
Collector box
Collector digipak Edition
Composed & arranged by Kentarô Haneda & Yûji Ôno
Published and distributed by Wayô Records
Officially licenced by TMS



Length: 67:50

01 Cobra (TV Size)
02 Languid Boredom
03 Subtitle Bridge
04 Fleeting Happiness
05 Messenger from Hell
06 Pursuer
07 Cosmic Dust
08 Walking into the Unknown
09 Rush Hour
10 A Gleam of Hope
11 Window Shopping
12 Abend
13 Labyrinth
14 Evil Conspiracy
15 My Blue Little Angel
16 Seesaw Game
17 Twilight Memory
18 Silhouette
19 Tarcalos Blues
20 Smoke of a Cigar
21 Suspicions
22 Pulse of Justice
23 Dawn to the Universe
24 Solidary Souls (Fast Tempo)
25 Escape to Peace
26 Joyful Voyage
27 Reunion With Old Friends
28 Ancient History of Mars Chapter III
29 Sorrow and Determination
30 Python 77 Magnum
31 Mirage
32 Relaxin’
33 Memoirs
34 The Dark Side of Rodo Drug
35 Evil Plot
36 Sorrow and Determination (Fast tempo)
37 A New World
38 Secret Desire (Instrumental)
39 Cobra (Short Version)


Length: 68:31

01 Turning your Back on the Sunset
02 Fleeting Happiness (Fast Tempo)
03 Sunset Rendez-vous
04 Corridor to Purgatory
05 Whispers of the Devil
06 Solidary Souls
07 My Heart Burns With Vengeance
08 Special Moment
09 Cogito Ergo Sum
10 The Psychogun
11 Death March
12 Pastoral
13 Trailer
14 Secret Desire (TV Size)
15 Cobra (Karaoke)
16 Sayonara Man’s World (Karaoke)
17 Sweet Happening (Karaoke)
18 Lady (Karaoke)
19 Secret Desire (Karaoke)
20 Sweet Happening (Sax Ver.)
21 Sweet Happening (Piano Concerto Ver.)
22 Cobra
23 Sayonara Man’s World
24 Sweet Happening
25 Lady
26 Secret Desire